How to Check if Processor Supports SLAT (Second Level Address Translation)

If you want to run Hyper-V on newer Windows operating systems (Like Windows 8 or Windows Server 2016), your processor must support SLAT or Second level address translation.

What is SLAT?

SLAT is a technology which was introduced in both Intel and AMD processors. Intel calls this technology EPT (Extended Page Tables) while AMD refers it as RVI (Rapid Virtualization Indexing). Hyper-V uses this technology to reduce CPU time and save memory for each VM.

How to Check if Processor Support SLAT?

You can check your processor SLAT support by following these steps.

Step 1. Download Coreinfo.exe form this link,

Step 2. Extract it to your C:\ drive

Step 3. Open command prompt with elevated privileges

Step 4. Navigate to C:\ drive

Step 5. Run the following command

coreinfo.exe -v

If your processor support SLAT, there should be an * in EPT row.

Check if processor supports SLAT

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